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Dental Crowns for Babies, Children and Teens

It is a common misconception that crowns for baby teeth are not necessary and that parents can simply opt out of them. Baby teeth are going to fall out after all, so why go to such great lengths to try and save them? However, baby teeth have a much more important job than just allowing your little one to chew food; they pave the way for the adult teeth yet to come.

Ensuring Proper Adult Tooth Placement

Baby teeth serve as placeholders for adult teeth. As long as they remain in place until they are naturally ready to fall out, your little one’s adult teeth will come in at the same exact location. This is not always the case when baby teeth fall out prematurely. Adult teeth can end up erupting in strange locations and leading to serious dental problems.

How Baby Teeth Crowns Can Help

A crown is a cap that goes over the top of a damaged tooth to serve as a form of protection. This durable cap covers the tooth and prevents further damage until the tooth is finally ready to fall out on its own. When your child’s tooth is capped with a crown, they are more likely to hold onto that baby tooth long enough to ensure proper adult tooth eruption. The procedure does not take very long and is entirely painless, and once a crown is placed, your child’s tooth will likely feel better as well.

We Recommend Crowns Carefully

At Richard A. Mandelaris, DMD Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we take great care to thoroughly inspect the teeth of our little patients and only recommend restorative treatments like crowns when they are absolutely necessary. Crowns usually follow procedures like root canals to strengthen the treated tooth’s structure, but they can also be used on a cracked or chipped tooth or a tooth that has been treated for cavities multiple times.

We will look at all the possible treatments that can be used and recommend the most effective way to keep your child’s tooth intact until it is replaced by a new, healthy adult tooth.

How to Avoid Crowns

There are a few ways that parents and children can avoid the need for crowns. Regular brushing and flossing will help but also bringing your child in for regular professional cleanings is an important measure to take. Cleanings help keep your child’s teeth in excellent shape and also gives us the opportunity to inspect your child’s teeth for any potential problems, allowing us to resolve them before they become more serious issues. Regular appointments and diligent care can help prevent future crowns and keep your child’s teeth healthy.

Baby teeth crowns are an important tool in pediatric dentistry, and we take pride in providing effective treatments for our patients. If we recommend placing a crown on a baby tooth, we encourage you to go through with the procedure to improve your child’s comfort as well as the future health of their adult teeth.
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